Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Egg hunt

Easter was celebrated a day late around
our place this year.
Dad and Kathryn make the egg hunt
so exciting that no one wants to miss out...
So Monday seemed to work better for everyone.

Brittany, Kathryn, Sarah, Me

In order to spice up the holiday a little...
the parentals fill plastic eggs with money...
instead of candy.
Money is a lot more appealing these adults;)


Aunt Brit and Uncle Spenc

Josh decided this year that watching from afar
was more enjoyable than running around
with the crazy adults for a egg filled with money.
I think if he had known some of the eggs hid skittles
his priorities would have shifted;)


Grandpa Walker and Granny Kate

The hunt was a success once again!
Thanks Gramps and Gran for a fun evening!