Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More bunny adventures;)

Today was a yard work, play outside with friends,
hopscotch, bike riding, planting flowers, hair cutting,
reuniting with Bailey, gymnastics class
kind of day.
Very busy and extremely eventful.
Yes, I said reunite with Bailey.
After passing her cage what must have been
a hundred times this morning and writing a novel about her
last night I managed to gain enough courage
to stick my bare hand into her cage and carefully lift her out.
It wasn't nearly as scary as I had built up in my head to be.
I'm not quite sure why I had made myself so
nervous about this, but I did.
After I held her for a minute I took her
around to the front yard where Rylee was waiting
patiently for her bff Eden from school.
When she saw the little white fur ball in my hand she
turned white with fear and shock!
She said:
Mommy what are you doing? Bailey bites!!!!!
I said:
No babe, Bailey is nice now.
Bailey was just scared.
Bailey loves us.
That's why she came back to us.
"Okay mama. Can I hold her now?"

It was that easy. Rylee played with Bailey
for about an hour. She had a death grip on the
poor thing. I know I have put entirely way to much
thought, time, and money into this critter.
~I guess we have a pet again~
Could be gone tomorrow but for tonight Bailey is ours!

Rylee leaves me tomorrow for 2 weeks:(
It will be rough. Keep her in your thoughts
that she won't get too homesick.