Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lemon Drops and Gum Drops

Today was Rylee's end of the year
pre-school performance!
It was so fun to watch a bunch
of 4 year olds sing songs
they have practiced over the past few months!

Rylee had so much fun coming home
from school showing off her singing skills.
She LOVES to practice singing.
She especially loves to practice in the bathroom;)
Who doesn't like to sing in the bathroom?
It's the most perfect singing place in the house.
One night she convinced Grandpa and Granny to
follow her into the bathroom so they could hear
one of her favorite songs.
Grandpa sat on the pot and granny got front row
on the floor. Rylee sat in the sink and preformed
a solo!

All of that practicing sure paid off!
~Rylee was the star of the show~
My favorite song they sang was
"If all the rain drops were
lemon drops and gum drops
ohhh what a rain it would be"
The kids all wore umbrella hats!

It was the highlight of my week
getting to watch my brave little lady
sing on stage in front of a full audience!
The Draper theater was packed!
Way to go Rylee!
I love you SO much!