Friday, June 25, 2010


We had our appointment today up at Primary's.
The doctor was great and apologised a million
times for the space ship costume confusion
during the traumatic EEG.
He said he laughed when he read over the chart
and the first thing that came to mind was that
scene in ET;)
The good news: EEG results were in and normal!!
The bad news: They are still not ruling out seizures
as the cause of everything.
The treatment plan for now is to watch Rylee closely over the
next 4 weeks and see how many times a day she has
"episodes" including the newest... zoning out.
Along with her eye twitch I have been noticing
that Rylee will go into a daze a couple times a day.
Today for instance she did it after a shower. It took
me 3 times of saying her name and asking her what
she was looking at for her to even acknowledge me.
All this time I have thought she was just ignoring
until I paid closer attention. So...I have gotten mad at her
and told her to LISTEN and PAY ATTENTION.
Might not be the poor kids fault!
I'm such a mean mom
She also did this in the dr office.
He wants me to write down and take notes of how often
and the duration of each time she does this.
In 4 weeks depending on what I find we will
do another EEG and an MRI:(
The doctor feels bad for putting her through it all again
but these types of seizures are hard to diagnose.
He said if those results come back negative as well
that he would consider putting Rylee on a
trial run with seizure medication and see if it helps.
Thanks for all your concerns, thoughts, and prayers
coming our way.
I'm just happy Ry gets a 4 week break from
doctors invading her personal space!