Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Maybe I should try this thing they call "listening"

People told me not to do it.
They warned me it wouldn't be that easy.
I ignored.
I had to learn for myself I guess.
I am officially stupid.
After all, the first step is admitting... RIGHT?

I did it. I bought the Easter Bunny.
It was SO cute in the beginning. So cuddly. We loved her...
Well, she loved her.
I only wanted to make her day. Bailey sure made her day;)
Just as I was warned the novelty wore off.
The excitement faded.
After getting pooped on a couple of times the bunny turned into
our outside caged up friend who was played with occasionally.
After being bit a few times the caged critter wasn't hardly glanced at.
Poor Bailey.
This is NO way for a "cute" rodent to live.
I... I mean WE decided to let Bailey go.
We decided she is better off with her friends;)
This is where the story begins...

Wed afternoon: Bailey was let free. Happiest day of little Bailey life.
I took Bailey pretty far out in the gully. I thought
she would have a maximum of 24 hours left of life before
she was made a fancy feast for a fox.
Sunday: Flew to Seattle for Mothers Day!
Monday 8:00am: 1st neighbor calls. The conversation went something
like this... "Kelsey, you have a bunny right?"
"Correction. HAD a bunny." "Well if it was white and cute
you technically still have a bunny." "One of our neighbors came into my
office this morning asking if I knew of anyone in our
neighborhood who might have lost a bunny,
and I mentioned you. Sorry!" "UGH its ok. Such is my luck."
Monday 8:30am: Kathryn's office calls. "Do you have a bunny?"
"kinda" "ummmmm okay, well this strange man
came in today asking if Dr. Walker had a bunny
that might have gotten loose. I told him we
don't give out information like that. I won't ask anymore questions;)"

Monday 7:00 pm: Sarah went to get our mail each night
because the parental were in Europe and we
were in Seattle like I said. "Ummm Kelsey there is a giant
white note hanging on the front door." It Says
Great. Some people are all about animal rights.
My luck these neighbors are.
I have to call them.
Turns out neighbor didn't actually have the bunny.
The bunny had taken residence in his back yard but was
much too fast for a human to capture.
Wed 6:00 pm: Sister calls. My immediate thought when
I saw here number flash upon my screen was
Love you sis but I knew it was "Bailey" related.
"Kelsey, we pulled into the driveway tonight to grab the mail.
Andrew ran inside, I stayed in the car with Josh man.
Josh kept saying bunny, bunny, bunny.
I said yes Josh, this is where the bunny lives. After josh repeated his
bunny statement I finally looked at where he was pointing.
Sure enough there was Bailey sitting in the front yard.
We tried to catch her for 30 minutes by
chasing her all around the yard. That bunny is speedy!
I am certain Bailey knows this is her
house. If someone would have taped us trying to catch her I'm
positive it would have ended up on Americas
Funniest Home Videos... and taken 1st place."
Thursday 7:00pm: Sister calls. Same thought flashed through my mind.
Andrew went alone tonight to grab the mail. He was
stopped my Susan Isaac. She asked if the Walkers have a bunny.
By his immediate look of guilt that I'm sure was written all over his face
she knew the neighborhood "pet" was ours.
Susan wasn't happy. Susan said.... Well you need to catch that
bunny because its eating the Mason's flowers and I'm
sure when they realize they WILL NOT be happy.
Andrew went on to explain that this bunny has super powers and is
un-catchable. Susan said she would bust out her skills.
Saturday 7:00pm: Sister calls again.
So... I did a perimeter check around the house tonight.
I thought I would check and see if Bailey had been caught.
I knew it was a long shot to even think it was possible.
Well... you should have seen the look of shock on my face
when I saw the furry little critter back in her cage!!!!!
I couldn't believe my eyes!

The BEST part of this entirely lengthy story
is that the neighbors who caught little Bailey the bunny
duct taped the cage door because they thought she had gotten
out on her own;)