Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Good little patient

They said they wanted
sleep deprived.
this is what they got;)

It was an early morning for us.
We arrived to Primary Children's Hospital
and went to desk B.
This is where EEG and sleep tests are done.
We checked in and sat down.
After 3 minutes of waiting it was our turn to head back.
These two girls dressed in gowns, gloves, hats, and MASKS
Came to get us.
I was asking myself...
"is all this gear really necessary?"
They walked us back to a little room.
By this point Rylee was terrified.
Why were these girls dressed so strange
and what were they going to do?
Once we got into the room they asked what
contagious illness Rylee has.
I said "I didn't know she was sick?"
Were they aware of something I was not?
Then they stated
"Rylee has MRSA correct?"
Yes in April of 2009 Rylee had MRSA.
Apparently once you have had MRSA you are
flagged for life as contagious.
We were off to a GREAT start!
Rylee was terrified.
Throwing a fit the size of China.
She had to be swaddled in a blanket so tight
she wasn't able to move then I basically had to
sit on her.
After they got all the Cords pasted in all over her
head and wrapped with gauze the nurses left the
room. Rylee finally calmed down and laid still on her bed.
The first test was 40 minutes then
another test which used a strobe light was for
5 minutes.

After she realized NONE of this hurt
at all she was okay with people touching her.
Rylee is so brave;)
We have our next appointment at
Primary's on Friday at 1:00.
They are sure on top of things.
I will be sure to keep you posted.
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.
They are helping!
I noticed that Rylee had 2 "episodes"
today during her EEG which was a huge
blessing. Hopefully this will show the doctors what
going on inside this cute girls head!