Friday, April 17, 2009


Do these random letters from the alphabet
mean anything to you?

Well last week I was just as clueless about this question as
you are I'm sure.

I took Rylee into the doctor on Wednesday because
she has a "zit" on her bum that was really hurting her.
I know, stupid reason to run to the doctor.

When the doctor looked at this "zit" and examined it she
asked if I have ever heard of MRSA.

Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus

aka "super bug"

I told her no.

She explained that it is a staph infection that used to only be found in
hospital workers but over the years has spread to the community.

She was VERY vague.

I left confused and prescription-less.

Last night I called the office and told the doc that she had
another boil and that she was in pain.

She called in a prescription for a certain antibiotic that
is used to treat MRSA.

A sleepless night followed.

It was an early morning at the Walker home.
I called the doctor this morning because Rylee had
yet another boil.
She was in a lot of pain all night, and crying all morning.
She asked if I could bring her in right away.

P.J's at the doctors office... HOT!

She drained the boil and told me to keep Rylee in the bath tub
as much as possible today.
That's where we have spent the past 2 hours!!
Rylee is thrilled with this advise.
She is such a fish.

Tomorrow morning the doctor is going to call us with the
lab results and ask me if the sores are looking better.
If they aren't and they are still soft to touch
(they should turn hard after being popped. Just like a zit)
Then we will need to go up to primary,
have Miss Thang put out, and
have them drained. The puss will have moved further
into her skin and isn't able to be drained through

I feel awful for this little squirt.

It's almost her BIRTHDAY!
She can't be sick!

Hopefully all the bathswill do the trick today
the antibiotics will do the rest!

Keep Ry in your thoughts!
To be continued...

:: The sores are on her bum... that's why I am not posting a picture::