Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Emotional about "wormies"

First of all...
we woke up to rain today. It lead to snow.
I'm not very happy about this.
(this fact has nothing to do with my story)

Rylee discovered worms yesterday.
She has a lot of emotions about this...
obsessed, disturbed, confused,
scared, curious, anxious, infatuated...

Before bed last night she checked on the front steps 3 times
to make sure the "wormies" were okay.
This morning she woke up and insisted on checking on them again.
She wanted to make sure they were awake for the day.

And now, she is scared of them

I have never actually met a kid who is SCARED of worms.
Did I do this to her?
Have I created this paranoia?

She is obsessed by them.
She tells me that I can't run over them with my car
(I obviously have no control over this)
She won't go near them today because she has
decided that they will jump up and bite her.
I told her to look closely at how SLOW they move but she
won't listen to me.
I have to carry her though the garage
to the car because there are a few
within 4 feet of her side of the car door.

Today while I was doing her hair she tried to convince me that
the wormies were going to crawl up the bathroom drain
and take a bath in our sink.

Where does she come up with this?
I knew she had a good imagination but this is
beyond... far beyond.

As you can see in this picture Rylee is biting her nails.
She often does this in uncomfortable situations.
Clearly she is freaked out by worms.


While driving through our neighborhood today
there was a yard full of birds!
Seriously probably 30 birds.

I stopped and told Rylee to take a look.
I told her that birds eat worms.

You should have seen the look on her face.

She started to get REALLY excited and came up with an idea.

Rylee: mom I have an idea. How about this mom...

Mom: okay tell me.

Rylee: Why don't we go tell the birds that when they are done here
they can come to our house and eat our wormies.
Do you like that idea mom? Do you?
(this idea took about 4 minutes to spit out)

Mom: That is a very good idea Rylee. If the birds are still hungry they will.

Rylee: Can you tell them mom? Kease (please)

Mom: (seriously? Can I be the crazy bird lady and tell the birds to come over)
Sure babe. I will tell them.