Sunday, April 19, 2009

... continued

MRSA is the DEVIL.
So I last told you that the doctors thought Rylee had

MRSA is taking over our lives.

Like I said in my last post Rylee had one of her boils drained
Friday morning. Rylee spent most of the day Friday
in the bath tub. Friday night around 9:00 pm
Rylee got into the tub for the last time before bed.
I looked at her boil and it seemed to be spreading.
It was about the size of a golf ball.
After calling the on-call doc we decided it
would be best to take Rylee up to Primary Children's ER
to have it looked at.

We arrived to the ER just after 10:00pm
We sat for 3 1/2 hours in the waiting room,
and another 1 1/2 hours in our room before seeing a dr.
It was so late and Rylee was being so good.
Just before the doc came into our room Rylee fell asleep.
The doctor took a look and decided that Rylee would
needto have this boil drained.

problem... No whitehead.

This meant that Rylee would need to be sedated and
he would need to make a small incision and squeeze.
He thought he would be able to relieve all the pressure
by going this route. If not then they would need to take her into
surgery and make a larger incision. This means going completely under.

About 3:30am the nurses and doctor were ready
to do the draining.
SEDATION is sad.
The doctor decided not to numb Rylee either.
This means Rylee is sedated so she can't move,
can still feel all of the pain,
and just has to lie there in horrific, excruciating pain.
This broke my heart.
instead of one incision he actually had to make 3.
Rylee was so brave.
It was so hard to watch and know there is absolutely
you can do.
Around 5:00 am we were able to go home.

I had to do hair at 9:00 am.
not so fun.

Rylee slept until 11:00 am Saturday morning.
When she woke up she couldn't
remember anything from the night before
The doctor told me that even though she would feel
all of the pain, she wouldn't remember any of it.
He was right. It's still very sad in my mind.
She seemed fine ALL day long.
She got a scooter for being SO brave.
We took a nap at 3:00 pm.
We woke up at 5:00 pm
I changed Rylees bandage.

now 2 golf ball size.

Back to ER.
Another 2 1/2 hour wait.
Taken back to room to find infection the size of a softball.
4 docs, 2 nurses, IV, new antibiotics through IV,
They decided to keep Rylee overnight for close observation,
and 3 rounds of antibiotics.


The doctor came in this morning about 10:30 am
and looked at the boil.
Infection was going down and boil was starting to look better.
He decided to send us home around 11:00 am

We have been home all day and Rylee is acting
just like herself. She is actually bouncing off the walls
from all of the antibiotics.

She got to take a shower and 2 baths today.
She spilled the beans and
told me how happy she was to feel clean again.

I am now just keeping my fingers crossed she gets to
have a hospital free birthday tomorrow.
Its amazing how well she has taken all of this.

This picture is of Rylee receiving her 3rd, and
hopefully final IV round of antibiotics.
She is SO BRAVE.

Did I mention that RYLEE means BRAVE