Thursday, April 16, 2009

Time for some sunshine

We all have our bad days...
(or bad 8 days that never seem to end,
no matter how bad you want them to.
I think your initials have to be KRW,
live in sandy, and be 23.
I'm pretty sure that there is only one)

...Anyways hard days, or weeks are impossible to prevent

::Today I realized something::
Blogging takes my
away :)

I'm not quite sure if its blogging or thinking about getting to
quote my adorable almost 3 year old. She makes
me laugh so hard even on the rough days. Who would have
thought that I would get to have a daughter who is so
Divalicious, sweet, and Girly beyond belief.

Well I did and she makes my smile

*Hope you all have a GREAT day*
Let your kids make you smile today