Friday, April 24, 2009

Clindamycin = Rat Poison

So the antibiotics that Rylee is taking these
days tastes like


I'm not even joking just a little bit.
It is the most awful thing known to man.
Its a capsule I have to break open
and pour into something because the liquid is
even worse.

The pharmacist told me to mix it with something
citrus, so that is what I've been doing.


I tasted the stuff because I was having a really hard time
getting her to swallow it.
My tongue burned for an hour after.

I decided I needed to try something new.
My dad's friend is an ER doc and he told me to use
apple sauce.
My idea of mixing it with apple sauce was a
little layer of applesauce,
then the layer of poison,
and then a mound of cinnamon sugar.

It worked for a few doses.

She has to have this powder poison every 8 hours,
this means 2 am.


Today I was talking to Uncle (Spencer)
and he saw her take her 6:00 pm apple sauce
delight last night. He asked why I couldn't just put the
whole capsule into a bite?


Rylee just swallowed her first adult size pill!
It was inside a bite of oatmeal but hey...
she did it!!!!

She is SO proud of herself,
she didn't have to taste the poison!
Lets just hope this wasn't a one time shot.

Good luck at the 6:00 pm dose Rylee!